Workshops and Performances

Julia Zafira gives private coaching lessons in Egyptian style with zills, stick, veils, tribal style and sword here you can learn to make a tantalizing show with choreography, for professionals,but also for those who would like to learn the basics.

She also is available for bachelorette party’s for every taste ( ladies only) from 1hr (with fresh drinks)or 11/2hrs(with fresh drinks and middle eastern sweets ) to the full packet 2hrs(this is with middle eastern snacks and mint tea and sweets)hips shawls are provided for all workshops and the bride is dressed in a lovely costume, there is also a performance from Julia Zafira and CD,studio space is available in Amsterdam ( payment apart)or on location from the party(travel cost after 15km will be taken in to account)

Performances are also available with an exiting show from Classic to fusion shows are between 20 to 30 mins (or 2x 15 min both shows are different with costume change etc.)

There is also a possibility for vegetarian/vegan catering.

Julia Zafira also works with school and theater projects
please call or mail for more info